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How to Recover Deleted Files For Free

I understand your frustration when you have accidentally deleted some important files from your computer, such as documents, family pictures, movie files etc. This has happened to all of us. If this is the case, do not panic. There is a good chance to recover your deleted files.

Let me discuss first some theory behind file recovery. A computer hard disk or any other storage device (USB drives, external disks etc) store each file on a specific area on their surface and then the operating system creates an "indexing table" which specifies the exact disk area where each file is stored. This is used in order for the computer to locate and retrieve the file whenever necessary. Now, when you delete a specific file, you actually delete the "index pointer" for that file and NOT the actual file contents. The operating system thinks that the file is removed but actually the file is still on the disk. Of course, the operating system marks that file area as "empty" so that it can write another file later on if needed. If the operating system did not write other data on top of the deleted file disk area, then you can recover that deleted file.

There are file recovery software on the market today that are capable to scan your computer drive and find any deleted files that can be recovered. I will suggest two of them, one which is completely free and one which you can try out for free and then you can purchase if you find it useful. The first free software is Recuva and the other file recovery software that I recommend is Paretologic Data Recovery program. The later is a commercial tool (very good tool by the way) which you can download and try it for free. First try out the completely free Recuva tool and if it does not find the files you want to recover, then download the Paretologic Data Recovery tool and give it a try (free scanning).

I hope you find the precious lost files that you are looking for. Good luck!!
Check out the following link for the free file recovery software that I recommend. First you can try the Recuva tool and if it does not find the files that you are looking for, then try out the Paretologic Data Recovery software which I believe will be more effective.